What to expect during your first appointment:

The New Patient Visit lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The first part of the New Patient Visit is used to listen to you.  In our experience, we have found that a typical patient is very frustrated by the daily symptoms of this condition and how those symptoms are affecting his/her life in a negative manner.  We find this very powerful for this reason: when we know what your primary symptoms are, we can better match you with a medication and dosage to best control those symptoms.

The second part of the New Patient Visit visit is used to educate you about Adult ADHD.  We do this because history has shown education to be very empowering for the patient.  The patient often begins the visit feeling like a "loser who can’t accomplish anything" (in their own words, not ours).  After undergoing the education portion of the visit, a typical patient leaves feeling that he/she is not a loser, but a person suffering from a medical condition that with a proper treatment program can be greatly improved.

The third portion of the New Patient Visit is used to educate you about the medications used to treat Adult ADD. (what they are and how they work to reduce the symptoms commonly associated with Adult ADHD).  We will choose the medication and dosage we feel is most appropriate for you.  We’ll teach you how and when to take the medication. 

For the medication we choose for you, we’ll counsel you about the safety of that medication, the typical side-effects associated with the medication, and any temporary initial side-effects to expect when you first begin taking it. 

The fourth and last portion of the New Patient Visit is used to educate you on our patient protocol.  Specifically, how you request refills of your medication, what to do if you experience initial side-effects from the medication, etc.