ADD Assessment Form


If you think you might suffer from ADD / ADHD but aren't sure, you can take the free ADD / ADHD Assessment by clicking on the form below.  If the majority of your responses fall into the gray boxes, chances are you suffer from this condition.   

Click the link below to view the
   ADD/ADHD Assessment Form 

To take the Assessment, simply click the link (or double click) to open it.   It is a fillable PDF.  You do not need to print it.  Use your mouse and keyboard to fill it out.  Then, simply email it to us.  We'll score it and reply to you with the results.   

If you score positive and are not seeing another physician and being treated with medication for ADD / ADHD, we can begin treating you here.  Simply call our Patient Intake Officer, Dennis Fowler, at 310-360-5917, or email us at to schedule an appointment, or for more information.  Or, simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page.